Farm Wares


All of our lamb is pasture raised, grassfed and grass finished. Grassfed lamb has more Omega 3 fatty acids and beta-carotene than conventional grain fed lamb. It is also lower in fat and higher in protein than it’s conventional counter part. Our lambs graze on organic pastures and are free of pesticides, hormones, anti-biotics and synthetic wormer. Besides all of the health conscious reason to provide yourself and your family with grassfed and finished lamb it also tastes wonderful!


Lambskins are great for newborns, pets, couches and in front of the fire. Our lambskins are white, black or somewhere in between. This last fall we sent in our first batch of lambskins into the tanner. They will be available mid-February. If you are interested in reserving a lambskin send an email through the contact link or the lamb order sheet. The skins are $150 and are available for shipping!

wool etc.

For the last three years we have been shearing the sheep ourselves and are finally ready to take the next step and have our wool processed. With any luck we will have naturally colored white, brown, and black yarn and roving available later this year. Stay tuned for our wool updates!