The Gist

Farmhand's Harvest runs a small flock of East Frisian, Bluefaced Leicester, and other mixed breed sheep in the bucolic North Fork Valley of Western Colorado.  Our mission is to provide the most gratifying and nutritious lamb to our customers, the best lives to our animals, and to maintain the beauty and viability of the land. The sheep live out on pasture where sheep belong: grazing on the clovers, fescues, alfalfa, chicory, timothy, orchard grass, and wayward weeds of the fields. They are rotated daily, ensuring the freshest forage for the sheep and least amount of stress on the soil and pastures. Our lambs are 100% grassfed and finished. We do not use any synthetic wormers , hormones or antibiotics on our lambs, as well an no herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers on the land.