Farmhand's Harvest



The Farmhand


      For most of the last decade, I have spent my days in the fields; building fences, planting, cultivating, harvesting, and herding sheep. These open fields are my home, where I find comfort and peace. With bent back and dirty hands, I strive to build a life not based on monetary gain but upon a rounder sense of fulfillment. An appreciation of manual labor, stronger relationships with those around us (and the world as a whole), as well as real nourishment from the soil under our feet are the things that creates true wealth.
It is this sense of life, neither archaic nor digital, that I wish to propagate.

You can share a taste of this life with your family through our delicious grass-fed lamb, sheepskins, and, eventually, though woolen wares. With your support, our family and flock will continue growing and flourishing on Colorado's western slope, where the mountains meet the mesas.